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Why Choose AZ E-BIKE?

Sold over 30,000
E-Bikes in 8 Years
100% Brand Malaysia
Warranty Up to 5 Years (Spare Parts Available)
FREE Door-to-Door Repair & Test Drive
The Only Brand Recognized by SIRIM / RTM / Government

AZ E-Bike is a leading one-stop online store for electric bikes in Malaysia since 2013. We have been constantly source for the latest model of electric bikes (basikal elektrik), motor and accessories. These are the latest electric bikes for sale. We provide three series of different electric bikes which are Luxury Series, Classic Series and products from other brands to fulfill your needs.

With various types of patterns, colors, our e-bikes are welcomed by many customers including kids, government, big companies. AZ E-BIKE models are built with premium quality. It is comfort, lightweight and durable. We supply bike accessories and spare parts such as batteries. We offer general repairs, spare parts replacement and delivery for electric bikes. Monthly Installment and online payments are available for all our bikes.

To view our e-bike, please visit our shop at:
Meru, Klang

No 13, Jalan Dataran Marvelane,
41050 Meru, Klang.

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